Most frequent questions and answers

are psychedelics addictive?

Like all drugs, psychedelics could potentially be abused, which could lead to addiction. Some studies have assessed cannabis and determined it to have a 9% addiction rate. Psychedelic-plug recommends that you discuss the potential risk of abuse.

can i drive after taking psychedelics ?

Psychedelic-plug strongly advises its patients to refrain from using motor vehicles and to avoid operating any heavy machinery while under the influence of cannabis. Some reported effects of cannabis, such as sedative and psychoactive effects, may impair the user’s motor skills.

How do I order ?

Search our website for the product you need and click on it. Then you can select the quantity and flavor you need and add to your cart. Do these simultaenously for all what you want to order or will be needing at the moment. Once you are done adding to your cart, enter your cart and proceed to checkout. Fill the checkout form and select the means you will want to use for payment and click on “Place Order”.

Contact our agent through the Live Chat or using any of our contact details so he can provide you with payment information for the selected method you chose to do payment. When done with the payment, kindly send a screenshot to our agent so we can confirm the payment and process your order.

After your payment has been confirmed and your order processed, we shall provide you with a tracking number to your package which you can use to have all necessary details related to your delivery.

How secured is your shop ,is my data protetcted?

To keep our clients data safe we are using  secured  payment methods with  all your data  kept private  and no third party involved

how are orders shipped?

After your  order is placed and paid for, We seal them in Vacuum packs to prevent air movement hence no oozing of smell and detection by either the canine or electronic sniffles. We now package them as birthday gifts and have them sent out.


i have place my order. what next?

Once an order is placed and paid for, please give us a little time to process the order. Within the period of about 2-3 hours we shall have your order packaged and registered for shipping to your address after which you would receive a shipping confirmation containing your tracking details and other information related to the delivery. Thanks