EDIBLE MUSHROOMS , are an additional and at the same time highly valuable food product. A category of conditionally edible mushrooms is distinguished from S. g., Which fresh contain toxins that are destroyed by proper cooking.

Mushrooms can be eaten fresh (in soups, fried, in sauces, etc.), as well as salted, dried or pickled, and certain types of mushrooms usually correspond to certain uses. So, for example, porcini mushroom, birch, butter can be eaten fresh, pre-dried, pickled and salted. Mushrooms such as milk mushrooms, volnushka, etc., having a pungent taste in a fresh state, are only salty, since only during salting (or even during preparation for salting, for example, when soaking) this pungency completely disappears. Most species of S. g from the group of lamellar are used for food salted, and of tubular ones – fresh, dried or pickled, but in some cases, when this is of particular importance, boiling and frying fresh mushrooms, pickling honey fungus, and drying low-value species are quite possible.

When salting and pickling mushrooms, it is imperative to adhere to the cooking time. So, when salting with cold brine, milk mushrooms can be consumed only after 30-35 days, and valuei – after 50; with hot salting, the mushrooms are ready in 7-8 days. When marinating under an iron lid, with an insufficient amount of vinegar or salt, a botulism stick may develop in the heat; salted mushrooms under a plastic lid in the refrigerator are safer in this regard.

It must be remembered that even a well-known edible mushroom can become poisonous. Older mushrooms can harbor various toxin-producing molds, which are visible as a white fluff or yellow coating, usually on the underside of the cap.

The maximum permissible shelf life in unfavorable conditions for most mushrooms with a tubular cap is no more than 8 hours, especially hard chanterelles, loadings (whites) can stand forgotten for up to 15-20 hours. If it is not possible to immediately process the harvested mushrooms, it is better to immediately soak them in salt water. If there is no time to process too large a collection of mushrooms, then you can freeze them, but it is better already peeled and boiled, since with prolonged defrosting of dirty mushrooms, bacteria actively multiply.

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